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The pages that I have created that are linked off of this page, are already made greetings cards with poems, graphics, and music that you may use to send out to your friends and family. My hope is that you too will enjoy the page that are throughout my web site as much as I have enjoyed making them. I hope you will share these beautiful pages with people that you care about.

I put all of my pages together using poems that have been sent to me over the past few years by my friends and family.  A few I have found, and a few I have written myself.  My pages are for entertainment and for viewing only. (Not to be copied!) All the work I do is for fun and for my own personal enjoyment of creating and building web pages.  I love creating graphics using beautiful pictures from very talented artists. I do not claim the pictures as my own, but I do claim making the backgrounds using pictures and clip art. I do try to give credit to everyone. I am not claming to have written all of the poems that you will find throughout my web page.  If any of the poems or graphics that are on my pages are copyright, then please let me know and I will give credit with a link, or I will take it off of my page.

You will see some of the poems I have on my pages where written and given to me by other visitors to use on my web page.   I have added their email address on the page with the poem. You must ask their permission to use their poems.  If there is no email you may ask my permission. Again I try very hard to give credit to everyone.

Thank you

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Friends are angels who
lift us to our feet
when our wings have
trouble remembering
how to fly.

Angel Poems.

Everyone loves angels.
Email someone you know an angel poem today.

Angel In My Heart Angel In The Park Angels
There Are Angels Among Us An Angels Kiss

Angel Whispers

An Angel Wrote

Angel By Your Side

A Child's Angel

Guardian Angel

I Know An Angel

Kiss My Tears Away

Our Guardian

My Web Angel

Coming Soon!

I asked for everything so I could enjoy life.
Instead, He gave me life so I could enjoy everything.

Inspirational Poems.

Lift someone's spirit today,
email them an inspirational poem.

The Final

The Beauty Of  A Woman

The Big "C"

The Blind Man

Blue Flowers

The Thin Blue Line
(For Police Officers)

Jim Checkin' In

Childhood Doesn't Wait

Coming Soon!

Know That Your Not Dreaming

God Gave Us

God's Beauty Tips

The Gold Box

I Believe

Keep The Fork

Rainbow Bridge

A Sandpiper To Bring You Joy

Just Smile

Stepping Stones

The Teddy Bear

The Dress

The Tablecloth

What Do You See?

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

A true friend warms you with their presence,
trusts you with their secrets,
and remembers you in their prayers.

Friendship Poems.

Friends are such special people.
Show your friend how special they are to you
and send them a card today.

A Gift Of Love To A Friend

Best Friends

Each Life
Affects Another

Far Away Friends

For My Friend

Found You

Friends Are Like Angels


Hold A Star

The Light Of Friendship

Looking For A

You're My

My Special Friends

Paint Brush

Share Your

Someone Cares

You Are My
Special Friend

Special Thoughts

Take The Time


Thank You My Friend

Things to Think About

You Are Special

By The Window

The Gift Of Wings

Dearest Friends

You've Made a Difference In My Life

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

To touch someone...
you must first touch their heart.

Love Poems.

Show that someone special how much you love them.
Email a Love Poem.

My Forever Love A Family Man For My Husband
My Forever Love
A Parents Love The Perfect Rose
To My Soul Mate

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

When in my heart I feel a tug,
maybe it's an Angel hug.

Hug Poems.

Give someone a Hug today!
Email them a greeting.

A Hug Is

A Simple Hug

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Poems with Jave Applets.

Send someone a special greeting.
(Please allow some time for each applets to open.)

An Angel Is What I'd Be Mother The Perfect Rose If I Could Catch A Rainbow Friendship Rose

Poems written by Tammy
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Feel free to share any of the pages I have
made with your friends and family.

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Please do not take any of the graphics,
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