On a clear blue night, a lonesome little boy named Tobias closed his eyes and made a wish. "Light within me a fire of tender devotion, in order to warm the life of a girl with the heart of an Angel, for the heart is where true beauty lies, and my wish is - to be someone who can be loved." His wish shot through the sky piercing the heavens where it was received by Starla - the angel of hope. She overflowed with compassion until it poured out of her in a single tear that ran down her face. Starla gazed soulfully toward the other angels and told them... "I will go now to make the dreams of a little boy come true, for he believes in me, and thinks I'm beautiful." Tobias opened his eyes and saw a shooting star, and was filled with a pleasant warmth he had never felt before. He hears a soft voice say to him... "Know That You're Not Dreaming-" The next day Tobias would get into a fight with an older boy he confronted at school for making fun of the new girl in his class. The ten year old girl wore large glasses and had a white streak that ran down the side of her hair - her name was Starla. Three years later they danced their first slow dance at a Winter- ball, and he picked her a flower on their way home. On his 16th birthday, they shared their first kiss under a million stars. Three years later they swore to love each other forever and six years from that day they were married. Tobias kissed the love of his life and was once again filled with the same warm feeling that he felt as a little boy as he heard a soft voice tell him, "Know That You're Not Dreaming-" A year passed and Tobias and Starla were about to have their first child. Starla had Tobias sit at her bedside and said to him, "My love it pains me to tell you this but, I will die after our son is born, I have been told that I must return home." A crushed Tobias fell to his knees and began to pray... "Please Savior, please don't take my angel away, may I please take her place. Because without her my life will lose its wings - never to fly again and I may never stop crying" Starla gently raised his head and gazed at him with her calming green eyes. A tear ran down Tobias's cheeks and he realized it would be the last time he would ever stare into his angel's eyes. Starla brushed away the tear and placed her hand on his heart and said to him... "I can never leave you my love, you make me feel so pretty. Do you remember your wish, the one that touched my heart from so far away, so long ago? You showed me what love is - show our son what love is. Always remember, I'll be here waiting for you, so when it is your time, you'll find me, I promise. I will always be hear in your heart. Every time you think of me you will get a warm feel in your heart. Know That I Love You. Know That You're Not Dreaming-" Four years to that day Tobias had a warm feeling run through him as his son ran in the house to tell his father, "Daddy-Daddy I just saw a shooting star!"

~Stars are made for making a wish!~

~Author Unknown~

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