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Sample My Work

Luv's Creations
Web Designs made for your needs

I have created and designed web pages not only for myself but for others as well. Please take a look at them to get an idea of what I'm able to do for your web page needs. 

I feel my pages speak for themselves.  I have both a business web page (which you are on right now) and a personal web page. I have made most of the graphics you see throughout the pages.

Luv's Creations

This web page I created back in May 2000 for Giovanni is a personal web page.  His web page was one of a few that I have done work for.  Not only was his page a lot of fun but he allowed me to create and design all the graphics throughout his web page.  You may take a look at his page and you may email him for any questions you may have.

Giovanni's Web Page

Here is another personal web page I have been working on.  It too has been a lot of fun because I have been able to be creative with the graphics.  But most of all Jacque' and I have become very good friends.  You will find her site to be very warm and inviting. You may also contact her via email for any questions you may have.

Luvin' Hearts

Here is a web page I am creating for a very nice woman named Martelle.  As you will see her page is also a personal web page.  We are still working on her page. But you may still have a peak.

Celtic Dreams

I also have created a business page for Martelle. She has a Kids store In NC where she lives.  Please take a look at it. We have plans to add a shopping cart on her page when she is ready. (For now her page is linked off of "Luv's Creations" until she opens her own web domain.)

Karolina Kidz

I also worked on another business page, called "God Allows U-Turns". This was the first web page I ever created for someone other then myself. Although I am no longer working on the web page, you may still contact Allison for any questions you may have. Allison and I have remained friends throughout the years. It was such a pleasure working with Allison on this project. Allison included me in her first book "God Allows U-Turns" on page 8 under acknowledgments.

Although the web pages I have created for others have been mostly personal web pages, I am able to create business pages.

If you are interested in having me build a web page for you, either business or personal, please contact me via email answering these questions with your web page information. This will help us get a better understanding of your needs so we can have your page up and running in no time!

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